The Pastoral Staff

The Davao City Alliance Gospel Church (DCAGC) is composed of men and women who humble themselves in service for God, to oversee and take care of the spiritual needs of the members. They are regarded as competent in their respective areas of ministry.

Rev. Romeo C. Romarez

Team Leader

Rev. Aldrin E. Torrillo

Senior Citizen’s Ministry Director

Prayer Department Head

Pastora Gilda Aniversario

Filipino-Chinese Ministry Center

Ptr. Jay-Ar Lapi-an

Salumay Mission Center pastor

Rev. Leo Aniversario

Missions Department Head

Ptra. Laila S. Lapi-an

Membership Department Head

Children’s Ministry Director

Ptr. Manny & Mrs. Nheldz Mamadod

Skyline Ministry Center

Ptr. John Ray Undo

Kibalang Mission Center

Ptra. Vivelyn T. Romarez

Administration Department Head

Ptr. Jasper Lee Rosalita

Adult Ministry Director Maturity Department Head

Pastora Katherine Ann V. Rosalita

Youth & Young Teens Ministry Director Magnification Department Head

Ptr. Franco & Ptra. Rosamarie Pamatian

Agdao Ministry Center

We are Discipling Lives. . . Transforming Communities

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