The Ministry Team

The Davao City Alliance Gospel Church (DCAGC) adopts a contextualized “Purpose Driven Church” ministry structure. Part of the organization are ministry teams that have functions to manage an area of a specific ministry. These are divided into different departments namely:

Missions Department Head:
Rev. Leo Aniversario

The Missions Department of DCAGC is the unit that aims to holistically expand the church ministry locally and globally. It functions to deliver the Good News to people from all walks of life with the hope of developing individuals to grow and make themselves useful for the glory of God.
Membership Department Head:
Pastora Laila S. Lapi-an

The Membership Component Ministry of DCAGC covers all ministry work in the following areas:

  • Evangelism and Follow-up
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Visitations Ministry
  • Baptismal Services
  • Funeral Services
  • Visitor’s Connection
  • International Community
  • Extension Communion
  • Membership Database
  • Radio Evangelistic Program
Prayer Department Head:
Rev. Romy C. Romarez

The Prayer Component Ministry of DCAGC is the unit that strengthens and promotes prayer as the main component of the Christian life. This component envisions a congregation with members having enriched personal prayer life that drives them to participate in many prayer activities in church.
Adult Ministry Director Head
Pastor Jasper Lee Rosalita

Youth & Young Teens Ministry Director
Magnification Department Head
Pastora Katherine Ann Rosalita

The Magnification Component Ministry of DCAGC covers all ministry work for the following:

  • Praise and Creative Worship
  • Choir
  • Speakers
  • Communion
  • Sound Tech
  • Multimedia
  • Stage Props and Design
  • Ushering
Information Management Department
Head: Bro. Rovic “Butch” Jereza

The Information Management Component Ministry of DCAGC is regarded as the coordinating office of all the departments. It is currently working on all electronic systems that will create a comprehensive software that shall integrate databases from every department into a comprehensive network.
Administration Department
Head: Pastora Vivelyn T. Romarez

The Administration Component Ministry includes mainly the financial, property, and human resource management components of DCAGC. It includes legal compliance, project administration and the integrated computer system among its areas of responsibilities.

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