The leadership of the church took a step-up with the church’s need to enhance our sound system so we may have more conducive and quality worship. We praise and thank God for these new equipment:

> 6 units LD V8 Premium Series
> 2 units LD Subs 15 A G2
> 1 unit LD DSP 2.1 Digital Controller
> 2 units LD Play Monitor Speakers
> 1 unit Wireless Sennheiser Microphone
> 1 unit Wired Sennheiser Microphone
> 1 unit LD DP 2100 Amplifier

All of these amount to Php 496,335.00, which excludes wires, cables, connectors and installation services.

We encourage everyone to help and contribute in raising the said amount. Any contribution will be highly appreciated.

Donations as of 29 June 2014: Php 15,700.00

We have opened a bank account for this fund-raising project:

BDO Account Name: CAMACOP, Inc. DCAGC
Branch Name: BDO Narra Davao City
Account Number: 6760043641

As a church, let us continue to unite even in this kind of endeavor. God bless you.

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