Medical Missions Report
August 2-3, 2013

Praise God for what has been accomplished during the DCAGC Medical Mission at Sitio Kontrak, Salumay, Marilog District (a 3-hour drive from Davao City proper):

August 2, 2013 – Evangelism in partnership with the Metro Davao District Evangelistic Team.
>There were 6 evangelists.
>A total of 85 adults, 21 youth, and 15 children accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savoir. Each received a Gideon Bible.

August 3, 2013
-2 medical doctors
-2 dentists
-4 pharmacists
-6 nurses
-10 therapists
-5 “kutologists”
-4 counselors
-2 hairdressers
-6 evangelists
-4 photographers
-15 assistants
-12 pastors
-4 policemen

-Optical: 38 eyeglasses
-Medical: 141 check-ups
-Dental: 28 tooth extraction and check-up
-Kuto removal/treatment: 62
-Haircut: 63
-Massage: 60
-Food and Clothing: distributed packed lunch and lugaw including grocery items and used clothing

*Adult patients went through a counseling session.

*Excess medicine, eyeglasses, and food/clothes packs were turned over to the Barangay Captain.

Thank you DCAGC Family for the support. For those who gave in cash and in kind to help meet various needs, thank you very much. Most of all, glory to God for answering our prayers for good health, protection, favorable weather, sufficient funds, manpower, vehicles, and spiritual harvest among the people in the community. Let us uphold one another as we look forward to the next ministry that God has impressed in our hearts. God bless us all.

Pictures of the Medical Mission can be viewed here :

Here’s a short video clip of the Medical Mission :

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