by Ana Theresa F. Basilio,R.N.

On June 15 I celebrated the 14th anniversary of Health Watch being God’s Masterpiece in Davao City. He made me initiate to write as a registered nurse about health in a pioneering local daily newspaper, wherein other papers followed suit.

During that time I received abundant blessings from God, even until now.

I remember how my former classmates in San Pedro College (known as the best performing college in nursing) tried to convince me to join them in their present situation since they are now successful in their respective careers abroad as nurses in Canada, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Abu Dhabi, Australia, to name a few. However, I politely rejected their invites because I believe God has commanded me to remain in this land.

The Holy Bible tells us that to completely obey God is to receive lavish blessings from Him, while to disobey His perfect will is to suffer soon from destruction and cruelty in life.

What made me believe to stay is the Word that God gave me in Romans 9:17, “For the Scripture says to Pharaoh: ‘I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.’”

True to His Words, He gradually revealed to me where He wants to use me very effectively. Since my spiritual conversion in July 5, 1989 I experienced several wonderful things while following Him – it was truly a great adventure!

Because of my desire to glorify God and bring the good news to everyone I meet, I caught myself always traveling around the world through my profession as nurse-journalist. My first break was in Malaysia; it’s an all expenses paid trip by Malaysian Airlines. Then it was followed by my frequent trips to Hong Kong, China, Brunei, Singapore, and lately to United Kingdom. I am aiming for more countries next year, God willing.

Another wonderful and amazing thing that God did to me is that my health articles were acknowledged by UNICEF, Asian Institute of Journalism, Philippine Press Institute and Philippine Information Agency and was awarded as the Best Column Writer in Children on May 26, 2003 held at Sheraton Hotel in Manila. Knowing that fact that I don’t have any journalism background, but it was all by His grace and power!

Several awards followed after that. I was recognized by the Department of Health-Region 11 as their constant health advocate likewise with the other organizations that I am always connected with such as Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society-Southern Mindanao Chapter, Davao Medical Society, Philippine Nurses Association-Davao City Chapter, Philippine Pediatric Society-Southern Mindanao Chapter, among others.

Not to forget is also my beloved alma mater who acknowledged me as the Best San Pedro College Alumni on August 12, 2006 held at Waterfront Insular Hotel in Davao City. For sure, my former clinical instructors together with the dean and president of the college are very proud of my achievements as well as contributions in the community.

Aside from my current profession, I have been actively involved with the Information Management Department headed by Mr. Rovic “Butch” Jereza. My previous exposures with Child Evangelism Fellowship where I assisted Miss Norma Hindap in doing the editing and lay-outing of her quarterly newsletter plus the exclusive monthly Sunday School newsletter of DCAGC being the former Sunday School Superintendent during the time of former senior church pastor Rev. Wilmer Hechanova made me now handle the bi-monthly newsletter called Vision2010 as Editor-in-Chief with my associate editor Jofferson Jones C. Panos.

Indeed, it is marvelous to be always at the center of God’s will. For you are assured that everything will be under God’s control, which means you will never be forsaken.

They said happiness is not a goal; it’s the natural by product of a purpose-driven life. If you have a life full of purpose, you will feel content and feel good about yourself.

With that, to God be the glory forevermore!

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