by Meriam Grace E. Cayubin

Actually, I was hesitant to give my personal testimony because I start to be very emotional when I talk about my past. But I thank the Lord for giving me the confidence to share today regarding how the Lord has answered and is still answering my prayers in a way I never expected it to be.

When I got married, I was an undergrad because of an unavoidable circumstance. My desire to finish my college degree became vague. Instead, I became a full-time mother to my three children. Much more because my husband resigned from his work at the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) in favor of going to Bible School to be trained as a full-time minister. After his graduation, he was assigned as a full-time pastor of Kabacan Evangelical Church in Kabacan, Cotabato.

As our children have grown up, our financial expenses also increased. My husband’s financial support from the church was not really enough to sustain the family’s daily needs. Through that situation, I have realized that I need to work to augment our income. But I could hardly find a good job in that aspect. With God’s guidance, I decided to pursue my studies so that I can help my family in the financial aspect. I enrolled an education course in a prestigious university in the municipality where my husband was assigned as a senior pastor. Going to school with young kids that time was not an easy task for me. I need to pass through a needle’s eye. I’ve gone through a lot of struggles along the way but I was praying hard for God’s strength and courage to finish what I have started and believed to be God’s will for me.

Finally, I was able to finish my studies and have passed the board exam by God’s grace. I started to apply for a teaching job both in private and public schools. Having the desire to be employed in a permanent status (maybe because I felt I was already tired of moving out from one place to another), I tried to apply in public school. I was second in rank that time but the item was given to another person who was not in the list. Because of this, it made me discouraged. I asked God why He allowed such thing to happen. I even asked myself, “Did God really call me to be a teacher?”

Despite my hopelessness, I still continued to apply. I tried in another division where I became first in rank. But unfortunately, the same thing happened. The item was not given to me because it was already reserved to somebody close to the principal. I felt even more discouraged and disappointed than the first time. But despite what had happened, God has a wonderful plan for me. I continued to seek God’s plan for my life.

Until one day, God called my husband for another ministry here in Davao City. I was also employed at a pre-school and at the same time a college teacher at the Davao Alliance Bible College (DABC). I handled the pre-school classes in the morning and afternoon in the college department. I thought that was already the kind of job that God has wanted for me. However, just before the school year ended, I was told about a memo from the Department of Education saying that secondary teachers are not anymore allowed to teach in preschool. Thus, I was desperately discouraged.

But what else can I do than to pray and ask God a lot of questions in which I could not fully understand. But still, I did not stop praying. In fact, this was one of my prayer requests during prayer meetings and during fasting as well as half-night prayer here in church. While I was praying, I also applied to three different schools. God’s answer to our prayer request came just before the next school year started.

I was employed as a full-time teacher at CCSA where I am still currently working. I thought this will be the last school where I can work with until I retire. Two weeks after, I signed the contract for the next school year, in which news came unexpectedly. There were three items released by the Division’s office and being on the third rank, I was informed, though not implemented yet, to be one of the recipients of this item on a permanent basis soon the Lord willing. I really thank the Lord for Christians who were given the rightful position in the government and are committed in dispensing items to competitive Christians. Now, I can fully understand why God did not grant my request before because He has prepared a better workplace for me where I can be in the ministry of teaching until I retire, the Lord willing.

Indeed, God was never unfaithful to me and my family. And I did not stop praying because I know that God answers even if His answers are sometimes different from what I really have expected. One of the reasons that inspired me to keep on praying was when God has spared the life of my daughter because of an accident. God has miraculously healed her. Praise God because she grew up to be a normal person. Another thing, I also realized that God allowed those circumstances to happen so that I will draw more close to Him. Whether His answer is yes, no, or wait, I know He hears my prayers and He knows what’s best for me. His words remain the same and His promises remain to be true.

I may not know how life can be in my next workplace, but I know God is always there to guide me. I just need to draw closer to Him in prayer not only personally, but corporately as well. God performed a miracle in the past and I have proven that God still performs miracle even today because the God we worship is the same yesterday, today and forever. To God be the Glory!

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