by Rica Reyes

I am Rica Reyes. I attend the Intercessory group that meets here in DCAGC every Wednesday at 2PM. Today, I am sharing to you my story about the power of prayer in my life.

In my former job, I am tasked to give an average of 10-12 speeches in a year to audiences from different sectors of society and yet I have never prepared as hard compared to this testimony .Why? Because this testimony is my accountability to give all glory to the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, Jesus Christ for His faithfulness, forgiveness ,compassion, patience and blessings given to me for the past 51 years of my life.

I experienced the Power of Prayer in my life by fervently seeking in prayer God’s direction in major and even minor decisions in my life.

The verse in 2Chron 7:14 commands us that:
If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
The third command in this verse “seek my face” is what this testimony is all about. I would like to share to you the blessings that I received after “Seeking” and obeying the Lord’s Direction in my life compared to the the time that I acted on my own free will and ability.

There are two very contrasting major events in my life that I can STRONGLY say as the psalmist said in Psalm 37:5- COMMIT YOUR WAY TO THE LORD; TRUST IN HIM AND HE WILL DO THIS. It is the best formula in my experience to guarantee that our plans and decisions succeed.

The recent collapse of AIG in the United States and the Legacy group here in the Philippines caused a FINANCIAL MELTDOWN’ to a lot of people from all walks of life.

I had my own financial meltdown in 1998. The Lord blessed me financially in 1994 through a sale of a property in Tagaytay. Relying on my own ability since I have a financial and banking background, I immediately reinvested the money in the investment market so I can get maximum interest on MY money. Emphasis on the MY. I initially placed it in secured investments but the interest is not so high. So I invested in real estate. I bought a lot here in Davao in 1994. Five years down the road, in 1999 my mom decided to relocate back to Davao after living in Manila for almost 20 years. So, I planned to build a house using MY money. I took it out of the secured investments and decided that I will invest it just for 2 weeks in an investment house owned by a Christian family friend.

Now, what is the PROBLEM in this story.

First, I thought that the money is MY money . Confident of My abilities to analyze the risk coupled with a bit of pride and a bit of greed,. I invested the money without “Praying and asking” the Lord for guidance thinking it is a secured investment.

The Lord proved me wrong. Even before the 2 weeks is up, the investment house declared that it cannot give me back my money. I had a major financial meltdown in 1998.

So gone are the plans of building a house here in Davao City. I questioned the Lord during that time asking why it happened when my intention was not selfish. I justified the house is not just for me … it was for the family.

At about the same year, a friend encouraged me to accompany her to the Canadian Embassy in Manila and file an application for migration to Canada together with her. I agreed since I will lose nothing but I didn’t have the desire to go to Canada for two reasons: I am extremely serious to collect MY money. My presence here in the Philippines is of utmost importance to make this possible. Secondly, I like my job at that time as Marketing Manager for a Property Management firm owned by a Christian. The job gives me professional and spiritual growth. Where can I find a deal like that?

The Lord surprised me since in less than 6 months I got an acceptance letter from the Canadian Embassy with a schedule for an interview. Initially, I refuse to pay attention to the letter deciding I will not go to the interview. But this time, a strong conviction came to me to pray about it. In short, I got convicted to go to the interview. During the interview, I wanted to test if going To Canada is really from the Lord. I was arrogant during the actual interview. I told the Consul that the interview is too long for me— around an hour na. I told him that its ok if he will not give me my immigrant visa as long as he will allow me to get out of the Embassy before the traffic in Makati gets to be very bad. He apologized and congratulated me .I got my immigrant visa the following day. Humirit pa ako! I asked the Consul if he can give me a one year visa since I cannot leave my job right away. He said “NO PROBLEM”. Everything just flowed from there.

But inspite of being given my immigrant visa, I still hesitated to go to Canada. I even thought of just canceling my immigrant status. This time, I fasted and prayed. For three nights, the Holy Spirit did not allow me to sleep until I agreed and said “YES LORD”, I will go. I only ask that You please provide everything I need to live in Canada— home, job, church, a support system and good health.

The Lord proved Himself so faithful. In my obedience to His will, He prepared a place for me to stay in a very good neighborhood, warm support from friends that became my second family since I didn’t have any when I arrived and a well paid job with the government without me lifting a finger to get it. Everyone was just so surprised that in 8 months time, I managed to get a Federal job that will normally take years to have. To top it all I connected right away with a local church and served in the Sunday school. And would you believe, I was in Canada for more than 4 years but I never got sick not even with the ordinary cold. This all happened because I prayed and obeyed the Lord this time.

Hindi pa nagtatapos dito ang kwento ko. I mentioned that I hesitated to go to Canada kasi I still have to collect the money from the investment house. Well, the Lord did it for me. Even when I was in Canada, I got to partially collect the money . And just this February 14, 2009, the collected money financed the construction of a Men’s Dormitory in a Bible School. The money is for the Lord’s project pala not mine.
Back in Canada, I opened my heart to the Lord and prayed about my desire to still build a decent home particularly for my mother in her old age.

But this time, I surrendered that it will be in His own time and by His provisions. The Lord proved His faithfulness again. Inspite of my financial meltdown and limited resources, the house was constructed in 2004 without any bank loan. Through all this, the Lord made me realized that it is in SEEKING His face that I received wisdom, it is in SEEKING that I am spared from unnecessary mistakes, in SEEKING that I develop a heart for obedience and receive divine favors. But more than this, it is in SEEKING that I know the heart of God.

I asked WHY from the Lord when I had my financial meltdown in 1998—it was the wrong question to ask- the right question should be What are you teaching me Lord? What can I learn from this experience that I can pass on to others?

Ten years down the road, the Lord answered this question: This is the reason, so that I can share my testimony about the extreme importance in our prayer life to seek and obey the heart of God in all that we say, think and do. I pray that what you heard today will be not just a story for you but it will be a turning point in your prayer life to be serious in SEEKING the Lord’s face in your everyday walk with Him.
In closing, I am encouraging everyone to pray in repentance for the time that we failed to SEEK and OBEY the Lord in our decisions. And together with this prayer, let us promise to consult Him before we do anything.

May our gracious God and Father continue to bless our lives with His divine wisdom and guidance as we SEEK His plans for us.

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